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SF Weed Week

By Amanda Ferron

It’s that time of year again… 4/20 is right around the corner! And just like in past years, that means thousands of people will be flocking to one of the most infamous cities when it comes to celebrating this famous “stoner” holiday; San Francisco. But this year will be a little different than previous years, and that is all thanks to Cannabis Journalist, Senior Editor, and Best-selling Author, David Downs. He and his team have been working non-stop to pull off San Francisco’s first official Weed Week. 

I was lucky enough to sit down with two of his team-mates, Shannon McInerney and Sabrina Pacheco, to talk about SF Weed Week, and what they are looking forward to. Shannon and Sabrina are staples in the Bay Area cannabis community. I met them at events in San Francisco that were being held at Chronic Culture, and both of these wonderful ladies were instantly friendly and welcoming. So when I heard they were a part of the planning for SF Weed Week, I got even more excited for all the festivities!

When & Where

SF Weed Week is a week-long celebration of everything Cannabis, culminating on our community holiday, 4/20. San Francisco has been a hot-spot for 4/20 for years (check out last years blog on the 4/20 City Celebrations at Hippie Hill) so it’s very fitting that the first Weed Week in California be held in the City by the Bay. All of the events are free, open to the public, and feature some of California’s top Cannabis Brands from across the state. 

One fixture of SF Weed Week is the “Get to the Bag” mylar bag art exhibit, which kicked off on April 5th. It’s open through April 23rd, and you aren’t going to want to miss it. I feel like a lot of us who are in the industry see so many vibrant and colorful bags on the reg, that we tend to overlook a lot of their actual artwork. This exhibition really makes you stop and appreciate the design and composition that these designers (many of them women) and companies put into their packaging. And since packaging tends to be a touchy subject in the Cannabis industry, with the crazy rules and regulations, it’s really unique and beautiful to see people focus on a positive aspect of something that’s usually seen as a problem. 

The actual week of activities kicks on on Saturday, April 13th. This Opening Night event features Sunset Connect and is being held at the Mission Cannabis Club. They are planning on lighting a ceremonial 1 oz joint at 4:20pm to celebrate the beginning of SF Weed Week, so make sure you’re there in time! I’m also looking forward to seeing the Sonoma Hills Farm crew, some of my favorite people in the industry, purely because they are genuinely kind people, at SPARC on Polk on Monday, April 15th. They will be there along with the Lost Farm crew, featuring edibles made with SHF Pink Jesus strain. 

If you decide to come to San Francisco on the big day, April 20th, you are going to want to make your way over to the Mirus Gallery for 4/20 Fest, starting at 11am. There, you are going to find food, music, your favorite CA Cannabis brands, and get the chance to have Meet & Greets with big names in Cannabis such as: RBL Posse’s Black C, Ridgeline Farms Jason Gellman, High Times Editor and Chief Ellen Holland, Award Winning Cannabis Journalist Jimi Devine, and all around Cannabis Legend Ed Rosenthal.

You can find a full list of events, dates, times, locations, and RSVP links here

More Than Just “Stoners”

Being able to sit and chat with Shannon and Sabrina for this piece was such a treat. Usually when we see each other, it’s in a loud, crowded, smoke-filled room, and one of us is usually working… So there’s not as much time to actually sit and connect. I respect these two women immensely for not only their Cannabis knowledge, but for their passion for the cannabis community, and for the plant itself. I ended our little sesh by asking them why they decided to get involved with SF Weed Week?

Shannon smiled and said “I will say that it feels so right for me to be doing this. I was born and raised here in San Francisco. I have been the “weed person” to all my friends since I was 15, providing safe access and education… So it’s all coming together and it’s really awesome to see. I’m so happy to help facilitate SF Weed Week and be a part of this new tradition.”

Sabrina went on to say “I love that SF Weed Week is inviting people to join the community in a different way. It’s not just a smoke sesh… It’s in celebration of art, music, food and friends… These things we all enjoy. People, myself included, really love experiencing the connoisseur side of things; Someone hosting a tasting, someone else hosting an art exhibit… And even though it’s always been that way for those of us in the industry or consumers, we are kind of trying to politely remind the political side of the spectrum, the people making the rules and the taxes, that there is more to our community than taxes, retail, and brown paper bags of weed.”

As someone who spent most of my career in Cannabis either behind a scale, or a laptop, I truly appreciate people like David, and women like Shannon and Sabrina… For creating these spaces for the Cannabis community, or even the “Canna-curious”, to join together with people and brands who represent the best this amazing plant has to offer. It is always so cool to connect with people who are trying to bring positive light to Cannabis, and show the world that it’s not just about “getting stoned”.  We are Artists. Creators. Business Owners. We are DOPE! And we get shit done. 

Make sure you check out the SF Weed Week website for a full list of events, deals, maps, and more… And come join in on all the fun for the inaugural SF Weed Week!