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How to Boost Dispensary Sales on Halloween: A Spooktacular Guide

By Chase Nightingale


Halloween presents a unique opportunity for marijuana dispensaries to attract customers and boost sales. By embracing the holiday spirit and creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience, cannabis retailers can capitalize on the Halloween craze and keep their clientele coming back for more. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various strategies and tactics that dispensaries can employ to make the most of this spooky season. From Halloween promotions and haunting decor to Halloween marketing and cannabis costume contests, we will cover it all. So, grab your broomsticks and let’s dive into the world of Halloweed!

1. Halloween Promotions: Tricks and Treats for Cannabis Consumers

To attract ghouls and goblins seeking a high, offering special Halloween promotions is a must. Discounts on edible candies and sweets will not only appeal to trick-or-treaters but also significantly increase foot traffic into your cannabis storefront. Utilize your digital signage to inform customers about these exciting Halloween specials and encourage them to take advantage. Raising awareness about your promotions can be done by posting them on dispensary menu directories like Potify and Weedmaps. Additionally, consider slashing prices on products that expire soon after Halloween to avoid any profit margin concerns.

“Halloween promotions are a great way to attract new customers and keep your existing ones engaged. Offering discounts on popular Halloween-themed products and creating a sense of urgency can help drive sales during this festive season.” 

2. Haunting Decor: Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Decorating your marijuana dispensary is key to creating a customer experience that is not soon forgotten. Transform your space into a spooky haven by hanging up lights, balloons, cobwebs, and more. Get your dispensary staff involved by dressing up in scary costumes, from the bartenders to the receptionist. Offering free “regular” candy at check-in and in the sales room will show your appreciation for your clientele. Other details like playing scary music and setting up electric candles and low lighting will add to the haunting atmosphere.

“By creating a spooky ambiance and engaging your staff in Halloween costumes, you can set your storefront apart and create a memorable experience for your customers.”

3. Halloween Marketing: Spreading the Word and Attracting New Business

To make the most of Halloween, it is crucial to attract new business through effective marketing strategies. Utilize social media platforms to post pictures and advertisements of your Halloween specials and decor. Each platform has its own strengths, so tailor your content accordingly. Instagram is great for sharing photos and video stories of your haunting dispensary, while Facebook banners can be used for product promotions and video ads. Additionally, reach out to your core clientele by sending email and SMS campaigns to your current customer database. This can be easily done using your dispensary POS system and will make a significant difference in your holiday sales.

“Marketing your Halloween event is paramount to attract new customers. Utilize social media platforms, email, and SMS campaigns to spread the word and make your decked-out dispensary an irresistible destination.”

4. Cannabis Costume Contest: Engaging Customers and Building Community

If you don’t have the resources to turn your dispensary into a haunted house, consider organizing a cannabis costume contest. Invite your cannabis rewards program members to stop by the shop in their best cannabis-inspired costumes on Halloween, with exciting prizes awaiting the winners. Promote the contest through print materials in-store and leverage text campaigns to ensure a wider audience sees what you’re offering. You can even skip the cannabis-inspired part and focus on the coolest costumes to appeal to a broader audience. Hosting a costume contest is a fun way to engage customers, build community, and increase foot traffic to your dispensary.

“A cannabis costume contest is a simple yet effective way to encourage customers to stop by your store, pick up their goodies, and have a memorable Halloween experience.” 

5. Showcasing Spooky Strains: Halloween-Themed Sales and Specials

Take advantage of the Halloween theme by showcasing strains with spooky names. Whether they are named after costumed clowns, nuclear disasters, or magic monsters, these strains are sure to pique the interest of your customers. Ensure that these Halloween-themed strains are prominently displayed with eye-catching imagery, making them impossible to miss. Consider offering discounts or special deals on these strains to further entice customers. By creating a sense of exclusivity and excitement around these spooky strains, you can drive sales and add to the overall Halloween experience.

“Showcasing special sales on Halloween-themed strains can create excitement and intrigue among your customers. Promote these strains with attractive imagery and offers to capture their attention and boost sales.” 

6. Cannabis Candy and Edibles: Perfect Party Favors for Halloween

Parties and gatherings are a significant part of Halloween celebrations. Capitalize on this by stocking up on cannabis candy and other edibles. These items make for perfect party favors and are in high demand during this season. Consider putting together a bulk texting campaign to promote your cannabis edibles and remind customers of the spooky snacks they can pick up at your dispensary. To take it a step further, create “edible cooking kits” that encourage customers to decorate their own ghoulish edibles with friends as a party activity. By offering unique and festive edibles, you can cater to the social gathering aspect of Halloween and drive sales.

“Edibles have a high profit margin and are in high demand during Halloween parties. Creating edible cooking kits and promoting them through text campaigns can generate excitement and boost sales.”

7. Embrace the Pumpkin Craze: Seasonal Delights for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Pumpkin spice is an all-time favorite during the fall season. Embrace this seasonal craze by stocking up on pumpkin spice-flavored pre-rolls and highlighting your best seasonal treats. Consider recommending strains that pair well with the pumpkin spice flavor profile. Additionally, you can offer a unique twist by selling pumpkin bong carving kits, tapping into the Halloween tradition of carving pumpkins. Hosting a pumpkin carving contest or offering pumpkin-themed accessories can further enhance the Halloween experience for your customers.

“Pumpkin spice-flavored pre-rolls and pumpkin-themed accessories are a fun and festive way to celebrate Halloween. Embrace the pumpkin craze and offer unique products that cater to the season.”

8. Stock Up on Seasonal Accessories: Spooky Trinkets and Timely Disposables

As with any holiday, customers love purchasing small, non-essential items that feature the holiday’s theme. Halloween is no exception. Stock up on Halloween-themed disposables like novelty rolling papers, wraps, cartridges, and pods. Even small, disposable items are popular due to the finite nature of the holiday. Consider offering free Halloween-themed keychains or lighters with specific purchases to entice customers. People love free stuff, and these small accessories can serve as reminders of their visit to your dispensary.

“Stocking up on Halloween-themed disposables and offering them as freebies or add-ons can create excitement and encourage customers to make a purchase. These small accessories serve as reminders of their visit to your dispensary.” 

9. Attend Cannabis Culture Events: Networking and Community Building

Halloween is a popular time for cannabis-related events, such as High Times’ “Spooktacular” Cannabis Cup. Check online to see if there are any conventions or community activities taking place in your area. Consider sponsoring these events or exhibiting your services to network with others in the local cannabis community and connect with potential customers. Running specials during the days these events are happening can help draw in attendees and increase foot traffic to your dispensary. These events provide an excellent opportunity to market your dispensary to the entire industry and showcase your Halloween promotions.

“Attending cannabis culture events allows you to network with others in the industry and connect with potential customers. Consider sponsoring events or running specials to draw in attendees and increase your dispensary’s visibility.”

10. Keep Calm and CBD On: CBD Products for a Stress-Free Halloween

While Halloween is a time for scares and thrills, not everyone enjoys being frightened. Consider promoting CBD products as a way to keep calm during the Halloween festivities. Educate your customers on the calming and anxiolytic properties of CBD and position it as a stress-relieving remedy. Leverage your cannabis text marketing platform to spread the word about CBD products and offer exclusive discounts. By catering to those who prefer a more relaxed Halloween experience, you can expand your customer base and increase sales.

“Promoting CBD products as a stress-relieving remedy during Halloween can attract customers who prefer a more relaxed experience. Educate your customers on the benefits of CBD and offer exclusive discounts to drive sales.”


Halloween presents a unique opportunity for marijuana dispensaries to boost sales and create memorable customer experiences. By implementing a combination of Halloween promotions, haunting decor, Halloween marketing strategies, cannabis costume contests, showcasing spooky strains, offering cannabis candy and edibles, embracing the pumpkin craze, stocking up on seasonal accessories, attending cannabis culture events, and promoting CBD products, dispensaries can maximize their potential during this festive season. So, get into the spirit of Halloweed and make this Halloween a spooktacular success for your dispensary!