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House of LDLR

By Amanda Ferron

Sexuality and Cannabis: Two things that have always been somewhat taboo to talk about. 

It seems the world is very uncomfortable with the thought of feeling pleasure. Whether that pleasure comes from some sort of drug, or from something sexual… Bring the subject up in public, and you are sure to catch some side-eye. And though people are becoming more open to the idea of Cannabis in everyday settings, the topic of sex continues to make some people feel a little uncomfortable.

That is something the amazing ladies at House of LDLR are trying to change. 

House of LDLR is owned and operated by Luz de la Riva and her daughter, Luna. This duo is truly incredible, for a number of reasons. I am someone who can literally feel energy coming off other people, and when it comes to Luz and Luna, you are hard pressed to find people with better energy. Both Mother and Daughter are beautiful individuals, inside and out. 

But beyond their vivacious, yet calming aura, the work they are doing is truly inspiring. I sat down with Luz and Luna to discuss House of LDLR, sexual wellness, and Cannabis. And, how bringing these subjects to the forefront could actually help society as a whole, in more ways than one.

Old Friends

I first met this dynamic duo a few years ago, while I was working for Guild Extracts. I was in the Guild packaging room, weighing out grams of terpy, delicious Cannabis extracts, when Luz and Luna walked in the room. They were discussing extraction options for their brand, and let me tell you… It was like two physical beams of light walked into packaging. They were genuine, kind, and greeted everyone with the warm smiles they’ve come to be known for. 

Since I’ve started working as PayRio’s Head of Community, I was able to reconnect with these wonderful ladies at different Cannabis events. Not even going to lie, I did NOT think they would remember me… But they did! As soon as we reunited, it was like we had just seen each other. They were the same welcoming, loving ladies that I remembered from years before. 

So naturally, when I started this For:20 Minutes blog, Luz and Luna were at the top of my list to feature. I love lifting women up in the Cannabis space, and I really believe in the products these fantastic ladies are producing.

The first question I had to ask was: How did House of LDLR come to be? How did this powerful Mother-Daughter pair decide to tackle the stigmas surrounding not only Cannabis, but sex as well?

Luz began with ”Well, I had to do something to take care of my girls, and we are here in Oakland (CA) so… who isn’t in Cannabis here?” That got a giggle from me… I worked in Oakland for years, in previous Cannabis jobs. Oakland has always been a city that loves its Mary Jane. 

“For me it was more like, this is an opportunity to bring something healthy for women. Because the Cannabis industry gives women a stage to speak, that I’d never had before in my previous business. I worked in the adult industry.” Luz expanded “That industry has such a stigma, there’s a connotation. It is like you have something that’s dirty. And then you have Cannabis, which also has a big stigma… However, people are more open to listening to you speak about drugs, than they are to sex!

I want to wipe the face of ‘bad’ sexuality because SEX IS GOOD! We are ALL the product of it! And you’re a good person… You’re a lovely person, and I can’t imagine that you are the product of something bad… There’s respect when I’m talking about sexuality. I’m talking about something that is good for you. House of LDLR is a very serious line of products. You just can’t get up in the morning and say, ‘I’m gonna make a product about sexuality today.’ You can’t do that! I mean you are playing with people’s bodies, people’s emotions. This kind of stuff is not as frivolous a product as some may think they are.”

So how do Cannabis and Sexual Wellness go together?

Sexual Wellness is so much more than just “having good sex” or reaching orgasm. It’s about feeling safe, having a healthy connection with your partner, AND with yourself. Adding Cannabis to the equation can definitely help you relax, and connect with your own sexuality. Especially as we get older, since aging can leave both men and women struggling with sexual issues.

“As we get older, a lot of men have problems keeping an erection, or early ejaculation, and women can have a lot of trouble just getting in the mood, or getting wet… That’s where we come in with safe, effective products. Plus, intimacy may look different for some than it does to another person… Maybe these products help you slow down and spend a little time together…There is more than one way to skin a cat, you know.” (I could not love Luz any more, I swear…)

“Cannabis can help lower your inhibitions. It opens you up. You’re less shy, you feel comfortable with your body… The whole point of the Cannabis for us, is we want you to focus on the experience. Other companies really want to put focus on the orgasm, they say ‘Oh, we’ll have sex tonight and we are gonna blow the roof off this house!’ We are not about that…

There is a big difference between having sex with a person, and being intimate with someone. We are about the experience, and spending time together, exploring the pleasure that is within you. Talk to your partner about your desires. Touch your partner’s body. Get intimate. And if more people could just talk about pleasure and sex, maybe your relationship will get stronger.”

House of LDLR makes SAFETY a priority!

Having worked in the adult industry for years, one thing Luz noticed was how unsafe a lot of the products were. Luna, who is my age, also noticed how weird some of these products were… ”I’d seen oil-based lubricants and other products that had me very concerned. Putting things like coconut oil, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and whatever else in there. Like, that’s not a healthy, safe lubricant… that’s a salad dressing. I am not a salad.”

These products have led to a struggle for Luz and Luna, convincing dispensaries and consumers alike that the House do LDLR line of products are PH Balanced, not oil based, and completely safe. Companies in the past, including some Cannabis companies, have put out products that led to many women experiencing painful UTI’s, and broken condoms. Luz and Luna are out to change peoples minds when it comes to Cannabis lubricants.  

“Regular lubes are not designed with women in mind, and a lot of them are oil based, making them NOT safe to use with condoms. Our lube is NOT oil based, and is PH balanced for women, so they don’t have to worry about broken condoms or UTIs. It’s water soluble, water based, with organic aloe vera and just a touch of Nano-THC. We have 12mg and 6mg versions available. So it’s very, very light. And the reason for that is because you really don’t need more… 

The Cannabis is not the only thing that’s going to make this a great experience.  It’s about the Glide of the organic aloe vera, the slide of that… We are not about hype, or trying to sell someone like: ‘You’re gonna have the best sex with our product!’ because that’s not guaranteed… That’s really between the two people. But we can promise that all of our products are silicone safe, and they all even come with a condom.”

Healthy Sexuality = Healthy Mentality = Healthy Society

When people first see House of LDLR’s product line, they might start off with a giggle and think it’s just lubes, infused candy dicks, and pleasure rings… But it is truly so much more. It’s about healthy sexuality. It’s about connecting with others and enjoying the experience. Not just focusing on the end point.

There are multiple studies available showing a link between sexual wellness and mental health. Engaging in healthy sexual activity has multiple mental health benefits, such as an increase in your bodies endorphins and serotonin levels. Those hormones help fight depression, anxiety, can help relieve pain, and can have a very positive affect on your mood, and thus, your overall mental health. 

“That’s why we always say that our products are not just for the Big O. Because look at all these issues we’re bringing up that happen in life. Things happen: illness happens, family issues, money issues… especially now in today’s society. So creating a product that is just marketed to give you a big orgasm is really a disservice to us. We are about so much more than that….

It’s through healthy and safe sexual experiences, that we hope that you will be able to be more compassionate with others. Through having self-love and just having compassion and grace for yourself, you will have compassion and grace for others. And just know that there’s a whole bunch of BS surrounding all of us. We are all doing our best to survive. We want to empower women (and men) to feel secure about their sexuality, and what brings them pleasure. And, that pleasure may not look the same for everyone. So it’s important to be in a space where you can be open and communicative with your partner.”

I honestly get so much out of every conversation I have with Luz and Luna… And our conversations about sexuality are no different. Luz joked that “If women were cars, men would know exactly what lubricant we needed, when we needed tune-ups… all of it. But they don’t, so we need to be able to be open and honest with our partners.” 

Which made me laugh, and opened my eyes a little as to how hard my husband actually DOES try! I tend to be very shy and self-conscious about sexuality and my body… And my husband is a very talented mechanic (Seriously, he owns around 20 hot rods…) That joke made me realize “…I am somewhat traumatized by things in my past, and I don’t let him work on me the same way he does his cars… and he WANTS to! I really need to just relax and let him be my bodies mechanic…” To which Luz and Luna both replied “And that is completely normal to feel that way!” 

That epiphany actually led to me having a healthy, productive conversation with my husband that evening. Just an example of how being more open and honest with ourselves, can lead to open and honest conversations with others. Which is good for EVERYONE!

Open the Door to House of LDLR

Intrigued yet? You SHOULD be!

From their Pleasure Rings and Lubricants, to their delicious Gummies and Cannabis infused “69” Champagne, Luz and Luna are putting out high quality products, to help enhance your sexual wellness.

If you want to give House of LDLR a try, there are a few ways to get hold of their products. You can find them at stores in the Bay Area, CA such as the Flore dispensary in San Francisco. Their website is currently under construction, but will be up and running soon with a full list of dispensaries that carry their product line. Until then, you can follow their instagram, @house.of.ldlr, to see what events they will be at, and what dispensaries you can find them in. 

I consider myself incredibly lucky to call both Luz and Luna my friends. And I genuinely cannot wait to see what amazing products they come up with next. 

Do yourself, your sexuality, and your mental health a favor… Give House of LDLR a try.

You won’t regret it!