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Cannabis & Women’s History Month

March 1, 2024
March is a time to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of women throughout history. The world of cannabis is no exception. This month, we pay tribute to the women who have made impactful strides in the cannabis industry. Introduction Women’s History Month provides an opportunity to highlight the often-overlooked roles women have played in the […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabis Payment Processors in 2024

February 23, 2024
The legalization of cannabis across numerous U.S states has led to an expanding market, opening doors for many lucrative business opportunities. However, as the sector grows, so does the need for effective cannabis payment processors, like PayRio. This article explores the leading cannabis payment trends in 2024, providing insights for dispensary owners to streamline their […]

The Future of Psychedelic Treatment Center: A Focus on Payment Processing

January 31, 2024
The future of health care could be psychedelic. As the stigma surrounding psychedelic substances continues to fade, these substances are increasingly being recognized for their potential in treating a range of mental health disorders. This article explores the future of psychedelic treatment centers in America, with a particular focus on payment processing for such facilities. […]

The Evolution of Cannabis Payments: PayRio’s Revolutionary Digital Debit Solution

January 18, 2024
The cannabis industry’s growth has been stymied by various challenges, notably in payment processing. Traditional banking institutions often hesitate to serve cannabis-related businesses due to federal regulations, despite the increasing legalization of cannabis at the state level. This has resulted in an industry that operates primarily on cash transactions, posing significant operational and security issues. […]

Psychedelic Healing: The Dawn of Psilocybin Payments and Ketamine Payments in Therapy

January 11, 2024
Psychedelics, once dubbed as rebel party stimulants, are now emerging as a transformative crucible for mental health treatment. In particular, psilocybin and ketamine, two potent psychedelic substances, are making significant strides in the therapeutic arena. With the burgeoning acceptance of these substances in therapy, we are witnessing the emergence of psilocybin payments and ketamine payments […]

Cannabis Market Trends: Marijuana Will Gain Millions Of Consumers Over Alcohol, With Sales Hitting $37 Billion By 2027

January 4, 2024
According to an analysis conducted by the multinational investment firm, TD Cowen, the cannabis industry is showing remarkable growth and competitiveness against the alcohol market. This growth is projected to continue over the next five years, with an estimated addition of 20 million regular cannabis consumers. Meanwhile, the alcohol industry is predicted to lose around […]

High-Risk Payment Processing: A Comprehensive Guide for e-Commerce Merchants

December 19, 2023
In the world of e-commerce, one cannot undermine the significance of high-risk payment processing. This service becomes indispensable for businesses that are categorized as high-risk due to their nature or specific characteristics. If you’re an ecommerce merchant operating within a high-risk industry, this guide is tailored for you. 1. Understanding High-Risk Payment Processing High-risk payment processing […]

Unraveling the Cannabis Tax Calculation Maze

December 13, 2023
The cannabis industry is often perceived as a goldmine for tax revenue. However, the taxation structure and rates are far from straightforward, with a labyrinth of complex tax laws and regulations that vary by state and locality. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on understanding and calculating cannabis taxes, enabling both consumers and […]

Green Wednesday: Maximizing Revenue During the Biggest Cannabis Sales Day

November 14, 2023
Green Wednesday, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday are approaching, and for the cannabis industry, these three events present a tremendous opportunity to maximize revenue. In fact, Green Wednesday and Black Friday have been identified as the third and fourth biggest sales days in the US, surpassing even popular cannabis holidays like 420 and 710. To help […]

The Ascendance of Cannabis Seeds and Hemp: Legalities and Profitability

November 8, 2023
The cannabis industry’s growth is no secret. However, it isn’t just the dispensaries that are cashing in on this green rush. In fact, some ancillary businesses have been thriving in the shadows of their dispensary counterparts. Two of these are the cannabis seed and hemp industries. The Phenomenon of Cannabis Seed Demand With the increasing […]

How to Boost Dispensary Sales on Halloween: A Spooktacular Guide

October 30, 2023
Introduction Halloween presents a unique opportunity for marijuana dispensaries to attract customers and boost sales. By embracing the holiday spirit and creating a one-of-a-kind customer experience, cannabis retailers can capitalize on the Halloween craze and keep their clientele coming back for more. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various strategies and tactics that dispensaries […]

Understanding High-Risk Merchant Accounts with PayRio

October 20, 2023
PayRio is a reputable name in the world of high-risk credit and debit card processing. Known for its industry expertise and stable banking relations, PayRio offers innovative solutions to businesses that fall into the high-risk category. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the world of high-risk merchant accounts, their pros and cons, and how […]