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Hall of Flowers 2023



By Amanda Ferron



It finally happened for me.

I attended my very first Hall of Flowers.

Everyone I know who has attended this event in the past always has so many wonderful things to say about it. Great people, amazing Cannabis flower, lots of samples… How could you NOT love it?? When Hall of Flowers came around in previous years, I was always stuck working behind a laptop, or in a packaging room weighing out Cannabis extracts for sale. But not this year. This year I got to be amongst the flowers!

The PayRio team was out in force, with Founder Aubrey Amatelli, Head of Community Amanda Ferron (aka… me), and Digital Marketing Manager Chase Nightingale all in attendance. This was actually the first year for all three of us, so we were beyond excited in the weeks leading up to the event.

Hall of Flowers is different than a lot of other big Cannabis events for a couple of reasons. First, it is for Cannabis industry professionals only, and not open to the public. Which really makes a noticeable difference in the crowd size at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, where the Hall of Flowers is held. Though there were A LOT of people in attendance, it was definitely less crowded than an Emerald Cup event, also held in this space, which is open to the public.

Second, while a lot of other big Cannabis Industry events are held in other states, at venues that don’t allow samples or consumption on site, Hall of Flowers seems to be designed around sampling products. They provide lots of space for people to relax and consume Cannabis, with chairs, tables, and giant bean bags placed strategically throughout the large, grassy areas. Inviting attendees to put their feet up, and chill out with their friends.

Since I’ve been to so many Emerald Cups at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, walking up to the fairgrounds had a comfortable, familiar feel. I’ve worked countless Guild Extracts booths in this space, but had never gotten to work a Hall of Flowers event. I went through security, and made my way past the legendary green, orange, and purple rectangles that greet you as you enter the grounds.

Time to see what all the Hall of Flowers hype was all about!


If you are a California Cannabis Retail Owner or Buyer, or a Cannabis Brand looking to get product in front of owners and buyers, then Hall of Flowers is the show for you. By far, the best show I have attended if you belong in one of those groups. There are so many brands to be seen, and deals to be had for California licensed retailers.

Even though I am not a buyer, a few of the booths still let me play their games. I couldn’t resist the Froot gummies booth, luring me with their giant, colorful, “Price is Right”-esq prize wheel. There was also a very fun “Human Claw” machine at the Dabwoods booth, with MC @adamill_ drawing the crowd in. Basically, you get buckled into a device that lifts you over a giant pit, filled with a mix of giant black foam bricks, and black/orange Dabwood branded cardboard boxes. I signed the waiver and strapped in, giant pink fur coat and all, to try my luck. The box I grabbed contained two fisherman hats, a pair of sunglasses, and $3,000 off a Dabwoods order! Again, those discounts only applied to retailers/buyers, so those prizes didn’t matter much to me… But, had I been a dispensary owner, I would have been pretty happy!

From OG growers like Humboldt Family Farms and Grand Daddy Purp, to bigger MSO’s like Cookies and STIIIZY, and everything in between… There was plenty to be seen, and lots of samples to collect. Are the ticket prices a bit steep for Hall of Flowers? Yes. It’s the one complaint I hear when speaking about the event to other Cannabis industry professionals. Especially with the economy being what it is, it was hard for some companies to make an appearance this year. That being said, you will definitely get your moneys worth by attending. So start saving up for next years tickets now folks, because this is an event you do not want to miss!


One of the most prolific benefits you will get from attending events like these, is the face to face time you get with your fellow Cannabis industry professionals. I like to think that the Cannabis industry in particular is one that is incredibly community focused. You’ll hear me talk about it a lot… We take pride in truly caring about the plant, and about each other. Yet we are doing business in a world where we usually connect via zoom, and often form relationships with our colleagues and customers over a computer screen.

There is truly nothing like connecting with each other in person. Hall of Flowers provides an intimate space for Cannabis industry professionals to take their everyday zoom-meeting connections a step farther, and form actual friendships. Sitting with your people on giant Hall of Flowers bean bags, smoking joints, laughing, and enjoying the day… Moments like that are when the friendships are solidified. Forming these relationships is absolutely essential to surviving in this space. After all, why would you want to do business with someone you wouldn’t want to be friends with?

Special shout out to a few of our For:20 Minutes homies we saw:

Do yourself, and your team, a favor… Keep an eye out for next years Hall of Flowers. And make sure you are able to attend. I promise you, the experience is worth every penny!

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