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Gatherings for Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis with Leah Curry

By Amanda Ferron

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: You cannot beat the women who work in the Cannabis industry.

We form a sisterhood. An almost instant connection, offering love and support to each other while we bond over bong rips. Time and time again, when I meet a new woman in this industry, I find myself meeting a smart, kind, uplifting new friend. And it never gets old. Such is the case with my newest Canna Sister: Leah Cerri.

Being Northern California born and raised, Leah has had a relationship with Cannabis for a large majority of her life. She has helped build brands, and is an expert at throwing events… Which led her to become Founder/Organizer of the Gatherings for Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis


How did the Gatherings for Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis Came to Be?

“I had the idea last year (2023). I always loved attending events geared towards women in Cannabis. I think that’s because, for me and many women I know, it’s been a tumultuous ride in this industry. It’s not the most stable, every company is basically like a “start-up”, and for women, there is an extra element to fight against… There’s still sexism, there’s not a lot of women founders… Even fewer women founders in the past couple of years…


The connections that I’ve made with other women in cannabis have been so sustaining and encouraging to me. They have really kept me in this industry. But at the end of last year, I was kind of looking around my circle and a lot of my female friends that I made in cannabis had been leaving the space. I really wanted to kind of foster more connections with other women in cannabis so they can feel supported and encouraged in this industry. 

The more Community connections you have, the greater your resilience and your ability to overcome hard times. So just taking that and really just trying to create a space for us all to gather, meet one another, learn what each other’s talents are, what each other needs… And then hopefully be able to advocate for one another.”


With that feminine support in mind, Leah threw her first “Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis” event. The first gathering was held at her very own home in January of 2023. But one thing Leah wants all you ladies to know? Something you will never find when you attend one of Leah’s events? A price tag. That’s right, these gatherings are always FREE.


“It’s really important to me that they’re always free events. There’s a lot of other events for women in Cannabis, but they cost money, and that’s sometimes an economic barrier for people. So I’m trying to keep these free and not monetize them, so that any woman can go whether she is low on funds or not.”


Junes Gathering at PayRio HQ

Junes Gathering for Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis was hosted by none other than For:20 Minutes Sponsor, PayRio! PayRio Founder, Aubrey Amatelli, has lovingly set up her Headquarters to be a perfect space for any girly gathering. Shades of pink, neon lights, smiling mushroom pillows, elegant white sofas next to hot pink chairs… Plus, there is an awesome shaded smoking space on the deck with lots of seating (including a few pink bean bag chairs! The 90’s kid in me loves that so much…) It’s retro and funky, yet modern and feminine… I freakin’ LOVE this office space!


For June’s gathering, Leah and Aubrey made sure we had a lot of fun activities. We had some amazing breathwork with Aria Diana, with a soothing sound-bath to wrap it up. There was an infused bath-bomb making station, crafts, a photo backdrop with pics by Ashley Ann, and lots of munchies. I got to the event a little early and personally hand rolled a bunch of joints for us all to enjoy.


As the women arrived, we grabbed plates of food, lit multiple joints, and just chilled on the patio. Chatting, smoking, sharing stories, and connecting on a deeper level… I’ve personally had a very rough 2024, so having this intimate space to smoke a fatty and vent to this group of incredible women was truly appreciated more than I can say. A few tears were shed, and friendships that I’d had for a while grew even stronger. I truly love this group of women.


July’s Gathering for Nor-Cal women in Cannabis

Ready to join in on the fun? RSVP now for July’s Gathering for Nor-Cal Women in Cannabis!

This month’s gathering is taking place at Meadow HQ in San Francisco, CA.  And just like with previous events, there will be plenty to do! 

  • Book singing with the amazing Jamie Evans aka @theherbsomm 
  • Tarot Card Sessions with The Lioness Oracle
  • Joint Rolling Class w/ Chiah Rodriguez of Arcanna Flowers
  • Smoke Shot photos with Ashley Ann
  • Breakout sessions with industry pros like Nicole from Kiva and my sister/boss Aubrey of PayRio

These free gatherings always have great energy, and truly nurture some amazing feminine connections in the Cannabis space!