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For:20 Minutes

710 with Brad Roberston & Guild Extracts

July 10, 2023
Happy 710! Hello again my Canna-friends. Another Cannabis holiday is upon us… Today, we celebrate 710! What is 710, you might ask? If you’re newer to the Cannabis world, this may be a holiday that you’ve never heard of. 7/10 is basically the 4/20 of Cannabis extractions. Certain forms of extractions are referred to as […]

Quawntay “Bosco” Adams: True Freedom

July 3, 2023
The War on Drugs To completely cover the “War on Drugs“, and all the BS associated with it, I would need to write an entire book series. But, since I am currently writing blogs and not book series, the For:20 Minutes team is going to do our best to routinely highlight people who have been […]

Happy Trails with Rachel Tatusko

June 23, 2023
When Aubrey Amatelli and I started working towards launching For:20 Minutes, one thing we really wanted to focus on was women in the Cannabis industry. Women owned Cannabis companies, products, services… You will hear me say it over and over, but I truly believe the Cannabis Industry has a unique opportunity to NOT be a […]

Pride + Cannabis

June 13, 2023
Happy Pride month everyone! I love being an ally, and showing my LGBTQ+ friends how much they mean to me all year round. But during this time of the year, I think it’s especially important to highlight how important a role the LGBTQ+ community played in Cannabis Legalization. When people who don’t consume Cannabis daily […]

“Cali Sober”

June 5, 2023
WHAT IS “CALI SOBER”? Over the last few years, you may have heard the term “California (or Cali) Sober” floating around your social circles. If you don’t already know what that means, it’s a pretty simple concept… Being “Cali Sober” means that you don’t consume hard drugs or alcohol, but you DO consume natural substances, […]

Team Member Highlight: Chase Nightingale

May 29, 2023
OLD FRIENDS PayRio Founder Aubrey Amatelli definitely struck gold in one of her very first hires: Chase Nightingale. PayRio takes a lot of pride in the handpicked team that they have painstakingly built. The process hasn’t been easy, but the results have been fantastic! Aubrey and Chase grew up in the same neighborhood in San Jose, CA. Aubrey actually babysat Chase in their younger years! After High School, he […]

19th Annual Emerald Cup Awards

May 20, 2023
Blog 19TH ANNUAL EMERALD CUP AWARDS By Amanda Ferron THE “WHO’S WHO” OF CALIFORNIA CANNABIS The Craneway Pavillion in Richmond, CA was packed last Saturday evening, full of the “who’s who” of the California Cannabis Industry. Growers, Extractors, Bakers, Reporters, and Connoisseurs, all gathered under one roof to celebrate the 19th Annual Emerald Cup Awards. I recently connected with Emerald Cup Founder Tim […]

Hall of Flowers 2023

May 10, 2023
Blog HALL OF FLOWERS 2023 By Amanda Ferron   FLOWER POWER It finally happened for me. I attended my very first Hall of Flowers. Everyone I know who has attended this event in the past always has so many wonderful things to say about it. Great people, amazing Cannabis flower, lots of samples… How could you […]

Dispensary Highlight: Planted, MI

April 30, 2023
Blog Dispensary Highlight: Planted, MI By Amanda Ferron FROM CARS TO CANNABIS Ask any Cannabis dispensary owner, and they can tell you, surviving in this space is no easy task. But you might say that Planted Provisionings owner, Matt Ritz, was built for it.  Growing up in Michigan, Matt comes from an automotive industry family and background. (The car […]

Celebrate 420 with PayRio

April 19, 2023
The Highstory Behind 420 Oh 420… I can’t believe you’re already here again. Ask any Cannabis connoisseur you know, and they will tell you, 420 is our holiday. The Cannabis Communities moment to honor this miracle plant we love so much. A day when even the closeted Cannabis user takes an extra puff or two… […]

PayRio at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

April 17, 2023
By Amanda Ferron LEAVING (BUT NOT SLEEPING) ON A JET PLANE The PayRio team took the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference by storm last week! And I’m not just saying that because it literally stormed the entire time we were there… Monday evening, April 10th 2023, my Husband and my Son drove me to SFO. I was heading out on my […]

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Prep

April 7, 2023
Are You Heading to Miami? It’s that time of year again, when Cannabis professionals from around the globe head to the sunny shores of Miami, Florida for the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. April 11th-12th 2023, at the beautiful Fontainebleau Miami Beach, the Cannabis Industry will be out in force. PayRio will be at booth #115, […]