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For:20 Minutes

Reefer Madness: Then and Now

September 21, 2023
“Reefer Madness”… The term both brings humor and annoyance to the Cannabis community. Humor because we have come so far, and we can now look back at the ridiculous propaganda that was “Reefer Madness” and laugh… Annoyance because we are still dealing with willful ignorance when it comes to Cannabis.  (Mostly from Politicians… But I […]

Deschedule > Reschedule

September 11, 2023
The Cannabis Industry has been abuzz this month since the news of the latest HHS recommendation regarding Cannabis scheduling. The Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration recommending that Cannabis be moved from its current Schedule 1 classification to a Schedule 3 classification.  This would definitely have major […]

Favorite Cannabis Consumption Methods

September 7, 2023
The world of Cannabis consumption is expanding all the time. With so many different forms of cannabis on the market today, there are countless ways to supplement your bodies Endocannabinoid System. Things like gummies and Cannabis beverages are aiding the Canna-curious, who are just starting to explore our world, ease into it with low-dose options. […]

Burning Man: More Than a Festival

August 27, 2023
The time has come again for free-spirits, artists, and the like to pack up their RV’s and head to the Desert for what can only be described as one of the most epic gatherings in the world… The event known as: Burning Man. What started as basically a bonfire on a small beach in the […]

Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores… Oh My!

August 22, 2023
This week, we are talking about Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores! Much like the “plant-touching” Cannabis businesses, people operating in these offshoots of the health & wellness space don’t have many of the same options available to them as regular businesses do.  When PayRio’s founder, Aubrey Amatelli, set out to support the Health & Wellness payments […]

Happy Birthday PayRio!

August 13, 2023
This month, PayRio celebrates its 1st Birthday! Making it a year in any industry is quite a feat in todays economy. Add in the craziness that is the Cannabis Industry, and making it even one full year seems to elude a lot of promising companies.  To help celebrate its birthday, PayRio’s Founder/CEO Aubrey Amatelli and […]

High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice Edition 2023

August 4, 2023
Long before Cannabis legalization, when most people were still hiding their Cannabis use, there was a publication that would grow to become a staple in the Cannabis community: High Times Magazine. Over the years, it has become much more than a magazine. High Times now has its own product line, and stores across California, with […]

Flying High – Traveling with Cannabis

July 21, 2023
It brings me so much joy to say that Cannabis Legalization is spreading across the USA. California led the way, legalizing Medicinal Cannabis in 1996. Since then, 40 states have passed some type of Medical Cannabis legalization, with 23 of those legalizing Adult Use (recreational use) Cannabis as well.  Despite all this, Cannabis remains a […]

Northern Nights Music Festival + PayRio

July 13, 2023
Are You Ready?! Pack your bags, and get your camping (or glamping?) gear ready… It’s time for the Northern Nights Music Festival! The event is celebrating its 10th year, so this weekend is sure to be one to remember. Known as the premier music festival focused on combining the love of music, camping, and Cannabis, […]

710 with Brad Roberston & Guild Extracts

July 10, 2023
Happy 710! Hello again my Canna-friends. Another Cannabis holiday is upon us… Today, we celebrate 710! What is 710, you might ask? If you’re newer to the Cannabis world, this may be a holiday that you’ve never heard of. 7/10 is basically the 4/20 of Cannabis extractions. Certain forms of extractions are referred to as […]

Quawntay “Bosco” Adams: True Freedom

July 3, 2023
The War on Drugs To completely cover the “War on Drugs“, and all the BS associated with it, I would need to write an entire book series. But, since I am currently writing blogs and not book series, the For:20 Minutes team is going to do our best to routinely highlight people who have been […]

Happy Trails with Rachel Tatusko

June 23, 2023
When Aubrey Amatelli and I started working towards launching For:20 Minutes, one thing we really wanted to focus on was women in the Cannabis industry. Women owned Cannabis companies, products, services… You will hear me say it over and over, but I truly believe the Cannabis Industry has a unique opportunity to NOT be a […]