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For:20 Minutes

Stephanie Shepard and the Last Prisoner Project

December 22, 2023
Don’t you just love when you meet someone and just instantly connect with them? Working in Cannabis has allowed me to meet some truly amazing people, and Stephanie Shepard is a prime example of that. I met her during MJBizCon in Las Vegas at the Golden Paddle Pickleball Competition, where she was working because Last […]

Happy Holidaze

December 8, 2023
It’s the Holiday season, and I’m not even gonna front… I LOVE the Holidays. I personally celebrate Christmas, but whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or another Holiday, this time of year is special. Filled with magic, tradition, love, and giving. And while a lot of blogs are focused on listing the perfect Canna-gift ideas, […]

PayRio at MJBizCon 2023

November 24, 2023
The Neon Capital of the World is about to get MUCH more lit… It’s time for MJBizCon! Aubrey and select members of the PayRio team are heading to Las Vegas next week for MJBizCon 2023, and we are all beyond excited. Last year was our teams first time attending what some have come to call […]

Green Wednesday: Like Black Friday… But Better!

November 17, 2023
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and the Cannabis world knows what that means… It’s time for Green Wednesday! I’m not a really big shopper, but I morphe into one on Green Wednesday. What is Green Wednesday, you might ask? We’ve all heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday… And yes, dispensaries offer sales on […]

House of LDLR

November 10, 2023
Sexuality and Cannabis: Two things that have always been somewhat taboo to talk about.  It seems the world is very uncomfortable with the thought of feeling pleasure. Whether that pleasure comes from some sort of drug, or from something sexual… Bring the subject up in public, and you are sure to catch some side-eye. And […]

Women’s Canna Awards

October 13, 2023
Here at For:20 Minutes, and PayRio, we are ALL about women empowering women. To me, the feeling of being able to lift other women up, honor them, and make them feel great about themselves, is beyond compare. So when I heard about the Women’s Canna Awards, my ears instantly perked up.  “An awards show focused […]

Area 101 with Tim Blake

October 6, 2023
If you’ve seen a gigantic alien billboard in Northern California off Highway 101, then you have driven right past an infamous piece of land known as Area 101. Many don’t realize it, but this beautiful property in the Emerald Triangle is steeped in Cannabis history. I sat down with Area 101 owner/Emerald Cup Founder, Tim Blake, […]

Reefer Madness: Then and Now

September 21, 2023
“Reefer Madness”… The term both brings humor and annoyance to the Cannabis community. Humor because we have come so far, and we can now look back at the ridiculous propaganda that was “Reefer Madness” and laugh… Annoyance because we are still dealing with willful ignorance when it comes to Cannabis.  (Mostly from Politicians… But I […]

Deschedule > Reschedule

September 11, 2023
The Cannabis Industry has been abuzz this month since the news of the latest HHS recommendation regarding Cannabis scheduling. The Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration recommending that Cannabis be moved from its current Schedule 1 classification to a Schedule 3 classification.  This would definitely have major […]

Favorite Cannabis Consumption Methods

September 7, 2023
The world of Cannabis consumption is expanding all the time. With so many different forms of cannabis on the market today, there are countless ways to supplement your bodies Endocannabinoid System. Things like gummies and Cannabis beverages are aiding the Canna-curious, who are just starting to explore our world, ease into it with low-dose options. […]

Burning Man: More Than a Festival

August 27, 2023
The time has come again for free-spirits, artists, and the like to pack up their RV’s and head to the Desert for what can only be described as one of the most epic gatherings in the world… The event known as: Burning Man. What started as basically a bonfire on a small beach in the […]

Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores… Oh My!

August 22, 2023
This week, we are talking about Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores! Much like the “plant-touching” Cannabis businesses, people operating in these offshoots of the health & wellness space don’t have many of the same options available to them as regular businesses do.  When PayRio’s founder, Aubrey Amatelli, set out to support the Health & Wellness payments […]