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Emerald Cup Turns 20!

By Amanda Ferron

The Emerald Cup is officially entering its 20th year, and we are ready to celebrate! 

The Cannabis Communities favorite event is back and prepping for a huge weekend of friends, fun, and of course, flower!

I’ve been lucky enough to attend 9 of the 20 Emerald Cups, usually working behind a dab rig at the Guild Extracts booth, but more recently as an attendee or member of the Media… However I get there, I always make sure I’m at The Emerald Cup. Where the Crème de la crème of California Cannabis shows off the best of their harvest, in the hopes of taking home the prestigious Emerald Cup Award. 

What started as an underground gathering of Emerald Triangle farmers, has grown into the biggest event of the year for California Cannabis… And really, for the Cannabis Community as a whole. 

I’ve said it once, and I will say it again, there is no event like The Emerald Cup. A competition, yes, but really, it’s so much more than that. It’s become an important part of Cannabis Culture… A community gathering to honor the Cannabis Plant, the women and men who grow it, and all it has done for the people who love it. A place where the everyday consumer can connect directly with farmers, and the people who manufacture the Cannabis products we all enjoy.

Celebratory Gathering at Tim Blakes Area 101

To kick off its 20th year anniversary, the events Founder, Tim Blake, and the Emerald Cup crew hosted a gathering at Area 101, Tim’s property in Emerald Triangle. PayRio Founder, Aubrey Amatelli and I were so incredibly honored to be invited. I mean seriously, what a privilege to be included in such a special evening. Of course, we wouldn’t miss it for the World… So off to the Emerald Triangle we went!

Aubrey, Tim, and Amanda @ Area 101

The evening was full of friends and laughter… Farmers, hash makers, and other Cannabis Community OGs, all congregating together around a plentiful bounty of beautiful nugs, delicious hash, and the biggest pot of homemade chicken soup I’ve ever seen. When we could, we snuck in chats with Tim, who was very excited to let us know that the Cup was going to be held in Oakland this year!

We helped dish out the food, smoked joints, took dabs, and felt right at home on this magical property. Area 101 was the location of the very first Emerald Cup, so celebrating its 20th year on those hallowed grounds with such amazing people is a memory that I will truly cherish forever.

Oakland, Here We Come!

The Emerald Cup is coming to The Bay, so SAVE THE DATES!! August 17th & 18th 2024, at the historic Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts in Oakland CA.

The Emerald Cup is bringing back their public event, with the infamous farmers-market-esq Cannabis Marketplace, food, drinks, music, and more! I love these events, where everyday consumers and Cannabis farmers/manufactures get to mix and mingle. The marketplace is truly top-notch, with incredible deals on the best Cannabis California has to offer. And us Cannabis industry folks get to meet up with old friends, and smoke copious amounts of our favorite flowers. It’s ALWAYS a great time!

Aubrey, Swami, and Amanda @ The Emerald Cup Awards 2023 in Richmond

Are you in the industry (or a personal-use grower) and want to show your stuff?? Entries are open until Friday, February 9th. Visit their website for more information. Just want to go and enjoy the show? The Emerald Cup is offering Early bird pricing on both general admission and VIP tickets, so hurry and grab your passes before the sale ends! Whether you’re competing, or attending for fun, make sure you get there! And make sure you’re following the Emerald Cups instagram for announcements on performers, the competition itself, big name attendees, and other event info.

Trust me when I say: You are NOT going to want to miss this incredible 20th Anniversary Emerald Cup!

Chase Nightingale, Aubrey, and Amanda @ The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball 2022