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Dispensary Highlight: Planted, MI

By Amanda Ferron


Ask any Cannabis dispensary owner, and they can tell you, surviving in this space is no easy task. But you might say that Planted Provisionings owner, Matt Ritz, was built for it. 

Growing up in Michigan, Matt comes from an automotive industry family and background. (The car industry is another notoriously treacherous space to try and run a successful business.) Being raised in that environment inadvertently prepared him for all the craziness that would come with operating in the legal Cannabis space.

PayRio’s Founder, Aubrey Amatelli, actually got her start in the automotive industry as well. That’s how she met Matt, almost 15 years ago! They both got jobs with Chrysler right out of college, and became fast friends. But, due to the economic turmoil during 2008, Matt and Aubrey were both able to leave Chrysler with a voluntary severance, and a free car! 

“My plan had always been to help my Dad run the family business, and eventually take over once he retired.” But Matt grew weary of working in the automotive industry. He didn’t find the work to be rewarding, and wanted to go in a different direction. 

Around that time, he was approached by a couple of friends who were already experienced caregivers in the industry. (They had previously been growing Cannabis out of a barn… Classic…)

He and his friends knew the Michigan Cannabis industry was starting to come along, and wanted to be a part of it. They got pre-qualified for a license, and waited. 

“One day my Father was just like ‘You don’t seem like you really wanna be here…’ and I was like ‘Well, I don’t…’” This allowed his Father to confess that he wanted to sell the family business. And with that, Matt officially dove head first into MIchigan’s rapidly growing Cannabis industry.


Matt and his partners opened the first Planted in Whitmore Lake in 2021. Since then, they have opened 2 more locations in Flint and Bay City. Opening 3 dispensaries in such a short amount of time is quite impressive. 

Each store has a modern look, and a “home-y” energy, with a knowledgeable and friendly staff. They offer a wide variety of Cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and more… Whatever your Cannabis needs are, Planted is sure to have something for you! 

All three locations boast something that I wish more California Cannabis dispensaries would do: They offer FREE DELIVERY! That may sound like “no big deal” to people who don’t purchase Cannabis on the reg… But for everyday Cannabis consumers, that saves a lot of money in the long run. Their delivery fleet consists of nothing but electric vehicles, and they make sure to source sustainable materials, including hemp and other recyclable materials when expanding and building their new dispensaries.

Planted accepts Debit and Credit cards at all 3 locations, and says they’ve had great success using PayRio’s Cannabis payment processing. They offer daily discounts to: Veterans, First Responders, Seniors, Medical Patients, and Cannabis Industry Professionals. They will also give you 15% off on your birthday, so make sure you stop in and buy yourself a present!

The Planted team is also heavily involved in the communities surrounding their dispensaries, doing what they can to help build and support the people of Michigan. Though Matt got into the Cannabis Industry and founded Planted for the business opportunities, he is staying because of the benefits he’s seen, and the community he has grown to love. 

“What I’ve learned is how it helps so many people. Anywhere from people who are alcoholics and are looking for a safe alternative, to people with chronic pain, to people who are being prescribed opioids and they don’t want to be on pills anymore, because it’s messing their lives up. It was shocking to me how many benefits Cannabis has, and how it helps people… And it’s even MORE shocking to me that people can still sit here and say that Cannabis isn’t something that should be regulated and readily accessible so people can use it. Those are usually the same people who have no problem going out and drinking at a bar all night. So yea, I got into Cannabis for the opportunities, and I’ve stayed because I see the benefits the plant offers.

On top of being an awesome dispensary, Planted also has a podcast called Puff Puff Planted, and a merch store, Wear Planted, with plenty of sweet Planted gear. “For when you want to wear something Cannabis related, but you don’t necessarily want to walk around with a big weed leaf on your shirt.”  

There are quite a few exciting announcements ahead, with new things coming soon from the Planted team… I don’t want to spoil any surprises. Just know the Michigan Cannabis community is going to be well served, and provided with quality Cannabis products for years to come.

The PayRio team was so honored to be able to have Planted as one of our first customers. Since then, their growth has been absolutely amazing. Watching them flourish in such a tough, competitive environment has been incredibly rewarding. 

Matt and the Planted team are doing big things, so keep an eye on them!