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Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores… Oh My!

By Amanda Ferron

This week, we are talking about Cannabinoids, Seeds, and Spores! Much like the “plant-touching” Cannabis businesses, people operating in these offshoots of the health & wellness space don’t have many of the same options available to them as regular businesses do. 

When PayRio’s founder, Aubrey Amatelli, set out to support the Health & Wellness payments space, she was thinking about more than just THC products and Dispensaries. Other Cannabinoids, Cannabis seeds, psilocybin… There are so many options available for people to explore different natural medicinals and therapeutics. Aubrey is out to help people have easier access to all of these options, by helping the industries have safe, reliable payment processing. Her team wants to help people on their health & wellness journey, no matter where that path may lead.


There is something so rewarding about buying a seed, and watching it grow to fruition. I always get so excited when I see the little sprouts starting to pop out of anything I am trying to grow. That obviously includes Cannabis seeds! Seeing this tiny striped or spotted seed grow into lush, beautiful, quality medicine just makes my heart happy. 

A lot of people may not realize this, but you can actually purchase Cannabis seeds online! There are obviously some state-to-state legality issues, just like anything Cannabis related…

But Federally, the rule is “The use, sale, and possession of cannabis over 0.3% THC in the United States, despite laws in many states permitting it under various circumstances, is illegal under federal law.” Since Cannabis seeds technically contain less than 0.3%THC, you are able to buy them online.

There are so many options available now, you want to make sure you are ordering from a trusted source. I spoke with PayRio’s e-commerce lead Chase Nightingale about a few seed companies we process for.  One of them is Great Lake Genetics, and they are on fire.  Their website boasts an impressive number of different breeders and genetics, so you are sure to find something you like. 

“It’s great to be able to service multiple sectors of the cannabis industry, because the underrepresentation is widespread.” Chase explained. “We are able to offer scalable & compliant payment processing to e-Commerce seed companies who otherwise are subject to getting their merchant accounts terminated or face overly inflated processing fees.”


With more and more people getting into microdosing, the “magic mushroom” industry is getting bigger everyday. I had never tried mushrooms before, because to be quite honest, I’ve dealt with a lot of trauma in my past… I’ve faced it and moved on. So I never wanted to accidentally “trip” too hard and have to deal with all that again. But then I started hearing countless stories of people finding incredible mental and physical health benefits from microdosing. These stories made me take another look at these amazing fungi that I was once so scared of. 

Microdosing is the act of administering very small amounts of a “drug” in order to test or benefit from its physiological action while minimizing undesirable side effects. Though studies over the years have been inhibited by federal legality, the tides are changing. Multiple recent studies are showing promising results in the world of microdosing, some showing effects like improved mood, increased energy, and more creativity, just to name a few.

Because the mushroom itself is NOT psychedelic, the spores are completely legal to buy and sell online. I found to be a great source of information. They have great resources on safe use, information on multiple different substances, and a list of trusted sources for mushroom spores, such as Myyco and the Spore Store. (See that list here!)


The Cannabis plant contains 100’s of Cannabinoids, which are chemical compounds containing cannabinol. Cannabinoids are the compounds that have an effect on our bodies’ Endocannabinoid System. These effects may or may not be psychedelic, depending on the Cannabinoid, and how it is ingested. I could go on for a long time about different Cannabinoids and delivery methods, but I’ll save that for its own piece…

The two most common Cannabinoids people recognize are THC (specifically Delta-9 THC) and CBD. THC has a psychoactive effect, and will make you feel “high”. This is the compound that seems to trouble our federal government, and its legality varies from state to state. Hemp derived CBDs, D8, and other cannabinoids are federally legal, as long as they are extracted from the Cannabis Hemp plant, and contain less than 0.3% THC.

I am lucky enough to be connected with some amazing individuals who are SUPER knowledgeable when it comes to Cannabinoids and their effect in our bodies Endocannabinoid System. One that always comes to mind pretty quickly is Megan Mbegnue a.k.a the Trusted Canna Nurse. Megan is an amazing individual to follow if you want to know more about your body, and how different Cannabinoids work with it. She has multiple patient success stories using a variety of Cannabinoids, and is a truly inspiring woman. 

Finding a Reliable Processor

The PayRio team helps businesses like these with their payment processing. “Multiple times a week, we are talking with businesses like these that have been dropped by several different payment processors.” Aubrey told me.  “It makes me so proud to be able to provide these industries with safe and secure payment processing. With us, all of their underwriting is done up front. So once that process is complete, our customers never have to worry about being dropped from their processor ever again.” If you would like more information, email or fill out our online application!

When it comes to helping the health & wellness space, there really isn’t much Aubrey and her team wouldn’t do. Whether that means using PayRios payment processing solution, or us referring you to another business we work with… Her team genuinely just wants to help people solve the problems these companies have been facing since they legally started operating. Helping these businesses means helping the people in their communities reach their mental and physical health goals.

And THAT, my friends, is truly what it is all about.