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Black-Owned Cannabis Products to Support All Year Long

Amanda Ferron


Something we hear a lot of in the Cannabis Industry is the desire to support BIPOC-Founded companies. This is mostly because the Cannabis community collectively wants to help right the wrongs that have happened because of the “War on Drugs”.

A huge part of that is helping those who’ve been disproportionately arrested and charged with Marijuana “crimes” succeed when they start companies in the Cannabis industry.

Studies done by the ACLU show that, between 2001-2010, Black people were 4-8 times more likely to be arrested for Marijuana possession than White people, depending on where you live. Iowa, D.C., Minnesota, and Illinois in particular, where those rates seem to be higher than in other areas. Even though their studies also showed that White and Black people are using Cannabis at similar rates.

I’ve seen plenty of people ask “How can we help? How can we support them in the Cannabis space?”

What is one of the best ways to support a Black-owned business?

I’ve seen a few responses to this question, and one of the most frequent answers I see from Black professionals is:


You support their businesses and help them thrive by buying their products. Plain and simple.

And it’s not something we should only do during Black History Month, but all year long. These companies produce high quality products, and are often founded by some pretty awesome people who then pay it forward by helping others in their communities.

I drove over to NUG in El Cerrito, CA and picked up a few Black-owned products to feature that you can easily get your hands on here in California.

An extra nod to NUG, because they consistently keep these brands in stock. I knew what products I wanted to highlight, because they are products I’ve purchased in the past. I actually had a hard time finding all 3 products in one place! NUG saved me from driving all over the Bay Area. So, thank you NUG!

NUG has multiple locations in California. Go check them out!

Blaqstar Farms


Founded in 2012 by Texas native, California transplant, Bryant Mitchell, BLAQSTAR FARMS is known for its excellent cannabis flower. They offer flower in grams, pre-rolls, and infused pre-roll packs.

Before entering the cannabis space, Bryant Mitchell was a very successful business consultant. Being the son of a Police Officer, and seeing what the “War on Drugs” had done to his friends and family, he had never tried cannabis before. But, when he found himself unable to function on the prescription meds he was taking for his sciatica pain, he looked into alternative medicines.


In his research, he stated he “couldn’t find anything negative about Cannabis. Not one thing.”

This would lead to him looking into becoming a part of the Cannabis Industry.

Mr. Mitchell spoke with L.A. Business Firsts’ Annlee Ellinson, and said “To me there was no reason I shouldn’t be doing this because this is something that when people wake up it’s going to be able to help my community medicinally, it’s also going to be able to help my community economically.” He elaborated “And if they do this right, then we can actually make this something that could never repay the Black community and the brown community for the war on drugs, but it can damn sure try.”

Bryant Mitchell would go on to open his own dispensary, where it seems he quickly got frustrated with the poor quality and consistency of the product available to his store. He took matters into his own hands, and delved deep into learning everything he could about growing Cannabis. He was determined to provide the Cannabis community with clean, high-quality products. Grown sustainably, with no chemicals or pesticides.

With that in mind, Blaqstar Farms was born.

And let me tell you, the proof is in the pudding. Blaqstar Farms puts out some seriously tasty buds! I bought 5gs of Virgos Groove, and even though it was packaged in September of 2022, the terpenes were very present. The flower had a strong nose, with notes of sour and pine. They came in a little glass jar with an eye-catching gold label and the message “YOU DESERVE A THICK 8TH” boldly printed in all caps on the side.

I gotta say, I really appreciated that message…

The Blaqstar Farms website had another message that I thought was wonderful. It states: “Our mission is to provide quality cannabis grown with artisanship, cultivated with passion, and treated with care. Our passion is to empower communities impacted by the war on drugs through community outreach, cannabis education, and business incubation.”

Blaqstar has a store finder on their website, and you can easily locate their products if you’re in California. They are sold through Eaze, in NUG stores here in the Bay Area, and multiple different stores in the L.A. Area, where they are headquartered.

Do yourself a favor and check out Blaqstar Farms. You won’t be disappointed!

Biko Farms


I did a lot of research to write this piece, and one thing was consistent through every interview that I read featuring Bikos CEO/Founder, Timeka Drew: She is an authentic person, who genuinely cares about cannabis, her community, and the people who consume her products.

An interview with Timeka done by’s Jake Wall started with him saying: “There are old souls, and then there are authentic souls. To spend five minutes in the presence of Timeka Drew, you realize she is the very definition of the latter.”

Even the names of her company and its products were thought of using care, with honoring their lineage in mind.

The name “Biko” honors her Nigerian heritage, and means “Please” in the Igbo language. She also honored her partner, COO Jake Gildea’s, Korean heritage by naming Bikos signature pre-roll, “Juseyo”, for him. Juseyo means “Give me please” in Korean.

Ms. Drew sits on the Board of the Cannabis Equity Retailers Association (CERA), Social Equity LA, and is also a member of many other Social Equity or Community focused organizations and committees. In 2022, she became the CGO (Chief Growth Officer) of NUG.

With all that on her plate, Timeka still finds time to make sure her family owned and operated company is running smoothly and producing top-quality Cannabis. Biko operates under a Social Equity license, and Timeka Drew uses a very “hands on” approach operating her company, ensuring only the best products are released to consumers.

The attention to detail that they give their product line really shines through when you spark it up! I found an eighth of Bikos “Hood Candy” flower, again, at NUG in El Cerrito. The flower was beautifully trimmed and super dense; A vibrant green, with little hints of purple. I rolled up a fatty after dinner one evening to help settle my stomach, and within a few minutes, my stomach felt all better!

Bikos website highlights how Timeka wants her brand to be a catalyst, helping other Social Equity operators succeed in the Cannabis space. Building relationships within the community to help everyone thrive.

Timeka says: “I feel it is a great honor and a privilege to take up space in this industry as a black woman – I walk in the footsteps of many amazing and resilient black women entrepreneurs before me.”

There is a store finder on the Biko website as well to help you find their products all over California. You can also order them for delivery through Eaze.

You can truly taste the love and care they have for the Cannabis plant when you enjoy Biko’s products. Like a hug in a joint!

Bikos cannabis is worth every penny.

Go give it a try!

Saucy Edibles


I had heard of this company before looking into writing this piece. A Dose of Saucy caught my eye because it was Founded by a Woman with Texas roots, Tess Melody Taylor… and I was born in Texas.

“Texas Style” always catches my eye!

I had just recently started consuming edibles again, having sworn off of them after a very bad experience years ago. Long story short, I ate a cookie that was way too strong for me, and ended up holding on to the bathroom floor…

When I started ingesting edibles again, I was really impressed at all the new delivery methods. (Maybe not “new” new, but they were new to me!) No longer was it mainly just cookies and brownies. There are drinks, gummies, tinctures, hard candies, chocolates… and SAUCES!

As I said before, I was born in Texas, and then I was raised in Kentucky. So, as a southern woman, I take my sauces and seasonings pretty seriously. I LOVE to cook, and I love using family recipes…

As I dug into Saucy and its Founder, I quickly fell in love with the company and its story. Ms. Taylor has basically created (Dose of) Saucy as a love story of sorts to her Granddad, Jesse James Robinson.

The Saucy website tells us “Granddad was born into a sharecropping family in Waco, TX, in 1927. At 16, he stepped onto a train to California in search of a better life. He became a top chef in the Navy for Admirals, and while his cooking was famous, he was best known for his cool demeanor, kind spirit, and commitment to the National and Virginia chapters of the NAACP. Food is both communal and generational: Saucy is Granddad’s legacy.”

Brilliantly dosed at 5mg or 25mg, these sauces are the perfect introduction to the world of cannabis edibles. The canna-curious can easily receive a small dose, while the more experienced can enjoy a heavier “hit” of sauce.

I was able to find 2 different flavors of Saucy at NUG El Cerrito: The 5mg Herbal Vinaigrette Dressing & Marinade, and the 5mg Sweet Heat Texas-Style BBQ Sauce. I really appreciate the smaller doses, because I’m still not taking too high a dose when it comes to edibles.

I can smoke my face off, but edibles are a different story.

Not gonna lie, whenever I see “Sugar free, Gluten Free, and Vegan” I can’t help but worry a little bit that the food may be somewhat flavorless…

Let me tell you, that is NOT the case with Dose of Saucy!!


I made myself a very yummy little spinach salad with the Herbal Vinaigrette, and it was seriously delicious. There is a fine balance to a really great vinaigrette, and Saucy has nailed it. Not too pungent, a little sour, a little sweet… Perfection! That salad was gone with the quickness. The 5mg dosage was just enough for me. I felt calm and relaxed by the time I finished my salad.

I channeled my inner child when eating the BBQ sauce, and used it as a dip for some Chicken Strips. The sauce had a very thick consistency, which I like in my BBQ sauce. (Who likes a runny sauce??? Not me!!) A little sweet, with just the right amount of heat.

I was very eager to get my hands on these Saucy sauces when I found out that I could find them in my area. They did not disappoint. I genuinely enjoyed both the vinaigrette and the BBQ.

I HIGHLY recommend you check them out!

Like Blaqstar and Biko, there is a “Find Us” section on the Saucy website. They are available in a few different stores in the LA area, and also at the NUG stores here in the Bay Area.


If these products sound good to you, but you can’t find them in your area, I would suggest going to your favorite dispensary, and sharing this information with them!

Let them know, you want to see these options on the shelves. Not just because they are Black-owned companies, but because they are delicious, high-quality products that deserve to be supported!

Together, we can help make sure these awesome companies stick around for many years to come.