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Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference Prep

Are You Heading to Miami?

It’s that time of year again, when Cannabis professionals from around the globe head to the sunny shores of Miami, Florida for the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference.

April 11th-12th 2023, at the beautiful Fontainebleau Miami Beach, the Cannabis Industry will be out in force.

PayRio will be at booth #115, so make sure you swing by and meet me(Amanda), Aubrey, and Kennedy!

This will be my first visit to Miami, and since the Bay Area has been getting pounded by some (much-needed) rain storms lately, I am looking forward to attending for multiple reasons….

But besides the warm weather and ocean temperatures, we are all heading to this conference for one main reason: NETWORKING!

Networking is an essential part of any successful Cannabis business, and Benzinga makes that a main focus of this conference. From the networking breakfasts/lunches and multiple amazing speaking events, to the 1:1 networking sections and the Benzinga app, there are countless opportunities for you to mix and mingle with some big Cannabis Industry players.

How can you get the most out of your attendance?

Simple: Be prepared!

Here are some helpful tips for you and your team!

What to Bring

Making sure you pack the right things and properly prepare for these multiple-day events is so incredibly important… There are a lot of little things that people tend to forget. Here is a short list of things you want to make sure you have before you hit the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference floor:

  • Hand Sanitizer (You’re going to be shaking a lot of hands)
  • Chapstick
  • Breath mints or gum
  • Inserts for your shoes (You are going to be spending a LOT of time on your feet)
  • A fresh stack of business cards
  • Refillable water bottle

These may seem like small things, but they will make a BIG difference in your comfort level while you’re there.

“There’s no better place to connect with the people driving the global cannabis industry forward. Enjoy all the food, libations & come back with millions of dollars in deals.” – Benzinga Website

Connecting At benzinga

If you haven’t snagged your tickets yet, it’s not too late! Head over to the Benzinga website, and use the code “Payrio20” for 20% off your ticket.

If you already have your tickets, you should have gotten an email from “Brella” saying that you have been invited to the conference. Use the link provided to set up your profile, and then go download the Benzinga Connect app. This is meant to be a hub of sorts, where you can view all the different event maps, speakers/speaking events, and connect/set up meetings with other conference attendees.

A few speakers that I am really looking forward to hearing are:

  • Sarah Kabakoff, VP of Business Development at Dutchie who will be speaking on the “Collision Course: Cannabis & The Future of Retail” panel. (Tuesday April 11th, Brand Stage, 1:00pm – 1:40pm)
  • Timeka Drew, CEO of Biko who will be speaking on the “Invest in Emerging BIPOC Owned Cannabis Brands” panel (Wednesday, April 12th, Brand Stage, 2:40pm – 3:00pm)
  • Loriel Alegrete, CEO/Co-Founder of 40 Tons who will be speaking on the “Social Equity, Translating Policy into Action” panel (Tuesday April 11th, Brand Stage, 2:40pm – 3:00pm)

Some speaking events that look interesting (to me) are:

  • What Can Cannabis Businesses Expect from Elected Officials in 2023 Featuring U.S. Congressman Dean Phillips and U.S. House of Representatives Rep Troy Carter (D-LA), Moderated by Saphira Galoob with The Liaison Group (April 11th, Playbook Stage, 10:50am – 11:20am)

There are SO MANY amazing men and women speaking on a wide range of topics… Cannabis Bankers and Investors, Cannabis Lawyers, Government Officials, Cannabis Payment Processors, Cannabis Manufacturers and Distributors… You can find a full list of all the featured speakers, speaking events, and their location/time in the Benzinga Connect app.

Do yourself a favor, and go through that list before arriving at the conference. You can find it under the “Schedule” section in the Benzinga Connect app. Bookmark the ones you’re interested in seeing, and they will then appear under the “My Schedule” section.

These seasoned Cannabis industry professionals are talking about issues that we all need to focus on, and tackle together. The more we learn from each other, the more we can grow as an industry in general!


Afterparties are a great way to continue to build relationships in a more relaxed environment. Have a few drinks, spark up some quality cannabis products, and let loose a little bit! The list of events surrounding the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is pretty long, so here are just a few of the awesome afterparties you may want to consider attending:

  • Benzinga CCC Afterparty Featuring Lexy Panterra at LIV Held at LIV (The Fontainebleau, 4441 Collins Ave, Miami FL) Party is April 12th, starts @ 8pm. CCC VIP attendees get in free, other tickets start at $147. Get tickets here!
  • CannaPac Networking Event Canna Pac is holding a networking afterparty on The Fontainebleau property. The PayRio team will be helping CannaPacs Founder, R.W. Navis, host the event. The CannaPac is a group of high-level Executives in the Cannabis industry, and is described by PayRio’s CEO Aubrey Amatelli as “The top networking group in the industry. Filled with senior level executives from all areas of Cannabis.” This party is invite only. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Aubrey Amatelli.

Wherever you decide to unwind and relax after the Conference, you can’t go wrong! This industry is full of some truly amazing individuals… People who you want to build friendships with, on top of doing business together.

After all, why would you want to do business with someone you wouldn’t be friends with? The Cannabis industry is all about community, and I hope you all get the chance to build quality friendships while you’re in Miami.