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The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) is accountable for handling both commercial and patient license applications, providing customer support to applicants and licensees, overseeing the rule-making process as required by state laws, enforcing regulations, and examining potential violations of medical marijuana laws.

Oklahoma has one of the largest medical marijuana dispensary markets in the country, and Metrc will make cannabis business operations more compliant and safer. Although Metrc’s implementation got delayed earlier this year, dispensaries are calling on OMMA to move ahead with it, as it’ll help in combating the growth of illicit marijuana businesses, which are still thriving.

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Oklahoma has a relatively recent and rapidly evolving history with cannabis legalization. In 2018, voters approved State Question 788, which legalized medical cannabis in the state. The law allows qualified patients to obtain a medical cannabis license from a licensed physician and to possess up to three ounces of cannabis in public and up to eight ounces at home.

Since the passage of SQ 788, the medical cannabis industry in Oklahoma has grown rapidly, with thousands of businesses and patients participating in the program. However, the program has also faced some challenges, including concerns about overproduction and a lack of regulation, as well as ongoing legal disputes over various aspects of the program.

The Oklahoma Medical Program experienced significant growth in 2019 due to the absence of licensing caps for medical retail facilities. By the start of the fourth quarter of that year, state regulators had granted nearly 7,000 licenses to cannabis businesses and registered over 200,000 patients, indicating the rapid expansion of the program.

In addition to medical cannabis, there have been some efforts to expand access to cannabis in Oklahoma more broadly. In 2020, a petition to legalize recreational cannabis in the state failed to gather enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, but similar efforts may continue in the future.

Overall, Oklahoma’s cannabis policy remains relatively permissive compared to many other states in the region. While only medical cannabis is currently legal, the rapid growth of the program and ongoing debates over cannabis policy suggest that the state’s approach to cannabis legalization may continue to evolve in the years ahead.

LAST UPDATED 5/10/2023 – It’s important to remember that laws can be revised and updated frequently, so please keep this in mind.